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Last Nov.24, Joe Biden’s long time physician released a 3-page medical report attesting to his physical fitness as the soon-to-be President of the U.S. (POTUS)
Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O) and Associate Professor of Medicine at the George Washington University in Washington D.C. has been the former Vice President’s primary care physician since 2009. He issued the medical brief at Biden’s request, in which he attested that the incoming POTUS, is fit to effectively carry out the duties the presidential positions; as Head of State, as Chief Executive Officer and as Commander-in-Chief.

In Dr. O’Connors medical report, he described President-elect Biden as a healthy and vigorous 77-year old patient. Actually, the incoming POTUS is now 78 years old as he turned another leaf last November 20, 2020, practically beating even Donald Trump’s record of being the oldest U.S. president to ever hold office. Apparently, Dr. O’Connor’s medical examination of President-elect Biden’s overall physical fitness was conducted before the latter celebrated his 78th birthday.

A primary care doctor specializing in Osteopathic Medicine, or that branch of medicine that pays extra attention to the body’s muscles, nerves and bones (musculoskeletal system) and the related care and treatment to ensure all body parts are working efficiently, Dr. O’Connor summarized Mr. Biden’s health as stable and without signs of slowing down. The doctor also pointed out in his report that the President-elect’s good health is attributable to his deliberate avoidance of smoking and drinking and commitment to physically work out at least 5 times in a week.

While some critics took note that the doctor’s report did not attest to the President-elect’s mental health, they should take into account that Dr. O’Connor does not specialize in the care and treatment of mental health as he is neither a neurologist nor a psychiatrist. Nonetheless, the good doctor certified that there is no new, significant change in Mr. Biden’s medical history, when compared to health records published during his term as vice president.

The President-Elect as a Model of Resiliency, Defying Old Age and Overcoming Life’s Many Challenges

While questions of mental fitness were raised against the former Vice President when he vied for the right to become the Democratic presidential nominee, Mr. Biden’s performance during his campaign and debate against Trump, belied any misgivings about his mental health.

The record number of more than 80 million Americans who voted for Joe Biden were convinced that the former Vice President is more mentally capable of leading the country out of its present miseries, over Donald Trump who, undeniably, has mental issues. Trump is very much on record for being a pathological liar and a narcissist who has the temperament of a child.

In fact many now consider him a good role model, not only for senior citizens but also for older adults, as it is no secret that President-elect Joe Biden has been dealt with many health problems and personal troubles in past years.

While not many ordinary folks can afford to have a personal care physician who can help them keep track and maintain a healthy condition, we can still emulate the President-elect’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Still, a simple gadget known as a fitbit can help older adults monitor health stats, control calorie intakes and receive healthy food guides in order to stay physically fit.

While the term fitbit originated from the first brand of fitness scanners, other brands have since emerged and made inroads for having improved features. Readers interested in buying one for themselves or for their elderly family members can check out fitbit for seniors from Gogrit, a website dedicated to giving info and insights about helpful and healthful products for senior citizens.

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